Chloe – Available for Adoption

Second-hand dogs give first class love.

A female Siberian Husky with gray/white fur.
She is 8 months old.

Chloe is a lucky girl. She was bought from a back yard breeder by a nice family who just couldn't manage her energy with their kids. They did the best thing for Chloe and rehomed her with TOTTSHR instead of giving her back to the "breeder" to live a life where she would have been bred over and over again. She is sweet and adorable and full of exuberance. She has two and on. She is raring to go at all times and is a sloppy, dopey, bigger girl. She is working on calming down when she meets you and settling. She is crate trained and almost fully housebroken. She loves the other dogs and they love telling her to calm down but they will play with her, too. The good news is that she can spend hours throwing toys around and amusing herself. She will need work walking on leash but in return she will give unconditional love and lots of laughs.

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A foster dog in New York

This dog resides in our foster care, loved and cared for as our own. Just waiting for the day when their forever home is discovered.